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Tira Li Horvath


Power. Power. PO-WER. What is power? Who is power? Why is power? How is power? When is power? No really, what actually is power? Oxford’s definition of power is “the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”… seems…vague enough. So many questions, so little answers. Who decides who is powerful and who is powerless. Is there an all-knowing omnipotent entity that decides power for us all? Are they a dictator, a tyrant or omnibenevolent? The way I see it, power is a currency. A fungible currency no less. It can be given, taken, exchanged. The world runs on power like the Sun on helium – an addiction. The world thrives on it. People don’t seek money or happiness. We seek power. Now, what happens when there is a surplus? Does the powerful give power to the powerless? – a modern day Robinhood of sorts? If that was the case, Lord knows Kim Jon Un and Vladimir Putin would be out of pocket, real quick. No. Surplus = Selfish. We care not of the powerless, we want more power. Power. Power. Give me power. I want more power. A tale as old as time itself is that of the dynamic between man and woman. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration? Eh, realistically, I bet there’s a gas giant in the Andromeda galaxy with a story exactly like this one. Patriarchy, in surplus. Matriarchy, in deficit.


Daddy Issues, illustrates an abusive relationship in the perspective of the abused. A common comment I hear is Why don’t they just leave them? The aim of the film is to debunk that comment through showing how power can be manipulated to minimise their victims. The inspiration? Well, the tale as old as time, of course…

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