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Maria Marin Velez


The reason why I'm doing a documentary is that I know how it feels like to go to a whole completely different country and not feel welcome or not feel like you belong even though you are from that country. But because I was raised and born in London, and the culture and language are completely different, it is very hard to have a sense that you belong somewhere. That's why I did the documentary because I wanted to see if people had the same experience as I did.


Making this documentary was a bit personal to me as I do struggle with my identity. For instance, even though I live in London I do feel like I am too Hispanic but when I go to Colombia I feel like I am too english. I did this short documentary to help other people and to hopefully educate others about people who are bi-cultural.

When creating my documentary. I have gained better technical abilities and a greater understanding of audience positioning. I would like to further develop 

these skills through the production of a documentary that positions people to challenge preconceived ideas about race and nationality. My aim is to educate people about what it’s like to be bi-cultural and to show people the struggles of other people from other countries. I wanted to do this documentary as lots of multi-cultural are having an identity crisis as they feel they don’t have a place they belong. I did it in this style as I believe it was the best way to get the interviewees views and opinions.


What I love the most is watching a piece you have created and being able to post it on a media platform. That’s why I made something that is of meaning but yet can be educational and helpful.

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