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Jus Khera


My Intention as a Media creator is to produce content that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of race, gender, or political alliance. As an individual I would put myself somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum and because of this I don’t want people to be dissuaded from watching my content because of any kind of politics. This doesn’t mean however I won’t show a wide range of representation, as I think that a character’s representation is part of what makes that character interesting. An example of this would Be Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction, Quinton Taranto 1994) who was an amazing black character, that we know as one of Taranto’s most iconic, we also saw how he as a black man was treated by those around him and what kind of effect that had on him. Why I want to create characters like Jules is because when you think of his representation it doesn’t come across as a political message, you think of him for his iconic personality. I want to create characters that feel genuine and real and can represent the groups they represent by being amazing characters.

As an artist I have wild and explosive ideas that I want to turn in to content. I have always been inspired by more abstract TV and movies and think that as artists we should have near complete freedom to create as we choose. The brutal, weird, and disturbing are assets that I believe can be used to great effect when used properly and ones that are being phased out for greater marketability. I think art is a reflection on the creator’s reality and that by censoring that we are losing the human element of film and tv as they become more serialised and soulless.

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