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Janaki Sinjali

Libre Baskervill


Because we're not all Chinese. It's like assuming every white person is French. Every Latino person is Mexican. Every black person is Nigerian. There are other Asian countries besides China, and people are not as intelligent as I expect them to be. Many other groups of Asians have pride in being their race. Japanese are proud of being Japanese, and Vietnamese are proud of being Vietnamese. Asia can be divided into five regions. These are Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia. Our culture gives us an Identity and helps build our character. The cultural values shared across our community or social group and gave us a sense of belonging towards society.


To be a Nepali is to accept the culture given by our society and family, which guides us in what we believe throughout our lives with social experience, and as we grow up from birth to death, we are dependent. So, I will focus on how three things, culture, belief, and being dependent, makes me a Nepali person. Nepalese society is affluent in culture. We have many rituals and customs. We have so many festivals that we celebrate throughout our lives, giving us our identity to be Brahmin, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Newar, or any other cast and ethnic group. I am Magar, and my culture plays a more significant role in my life. It teaches me about different aspects of my life, guides me through positive moral values.


As a media practitioner on cultural identity, my personal view is that we all are proud of where we come from. It is offensive to judge people's ethnicity based on how they look. Asia contains most of the world population and the most diversity of appearance. Not all Asians are East Asians or look anything like them. Out of respect for the individual and their entire ethnic group and nationality, do not refer to all Asian people as Chinese because you know China as the only Asian country.

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